About Us


Endless Fairs, with a classic trade fair concept of combining today's modern technology and infrastructure that perform online trade fair organisation carrying out various operational activities in this activity. Endless Group is based in Turkey. You will not need to go from one country to another, from a city to another to visit the fair, you will not need to spend hours of your own time finding the stands in the gigantic fairgrounds, everything will be online at your fingertips!

Due to the strong infrastructure of our system, the visitor capacity of the exhibition area, which is limited in classical fairs, disappears with the online fairs. During the concurrent visit of the 250,000 active visitors to the fairground, there were no disruptions in our system. Our system is able to provide service to 500,000 simultaneous visitors without the need for any development or intervention. Again, there is no restriction in terms of the stands of the institutions, and thousands of visitors can visit the corporate stand at the same time. For live interviews, 10 different corporate representatives can join the system, manage the stand and interact with the visitors live. In addition, a seminar and conference system, which can accommodate up to 100 visitors, is offered to our institutions upon request.